Farewell to the Top Didj Cultural Experience

After many years of offering the renowned Cultural Experience tours at Top Didj Gallery, we farewell Manuel and this tour. Manuel has been a pivotal part of our business at Top Didj for many years. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Manuel and to everyone who participated and contributed to its success. We look forward to welcoming you back to explore our extensive collection of Indigenous art and artifacts.

  • The Cultural Experience Tour at Top Didj Aboriginal Art Gallery in Katherine, NT, Australia, offered an immersive journey into the rich cultural heritage of the local artist and storyteller, Manuel Pamkal. Led by a knowledgeable Indigenous guide, visitors delved into traditional practices, from painting techniques to storytelling and didgeridoo playing, gaining profound insights into the spiritual and artistic traditions passed down through generations.

    Participants engaged in hands-on activities, fostering a deep appreciation for the significance of Aboriginal art and culture while forging connections with the land and its custodians.

    Through his enlightening approach, Manuel fostered cross-cultural understanding and respect with the intention to preserve and share the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous culture.

  • Smoking Ceremony On arrival our traditional smoking ceremony welcomed each guest and payed respects to the ancestors and lands.

    Cultural Talk Manuel Pamkal shared stories about growing up in the bush, cultural differences and his own family tree followed by a traditional didgeridoo performance.

    Fire Lighting Visitors could participate in the ancient craft of fire by friction and hear the stories that go along with it.

    Spear Throwing Manuel tought the art of spear and woomera throwing to perfectly hit a target.

    Bush Tucker and Medicine Garden Stroll through the bush tucker / medicine garden showcasing traditional plants used by Indigenous Australians for medicinal purposes.

    Enjoy the Gallery Experience the breadth of artistry within the Katherine region, from weavings, to carvings to didjeridoo and paintings, enjoy all that the Gallery has to showcase of ethical and authentic Indigenous Fine Art.