Fun Holidays

We have all had lots of fun with the school holidays starting. Great paintings have been painted, lots of fires lit and big red has been hit lots of time and our wallabies are loving all the attention. Here are some of the comments from the last week. “highlight of our visit to the NT. Very authentic informative entertaining and genuine. Well done Manuel.” “An insight into indigenous life” “I will definitly recommend this place to people” ” I learnt so much and really enjoyed the painting. Thank you for this wonderful experience.” ” A really enjoyable experience, different to most tourism experiences and knitted together with great skill by Manuel”

Fun morning

Great fund and amazing art is always on the cards at Top Didj. And lots of education on what it was like living in the bush and how to survive in the bush. Diego and Michela from Italy said. “Such an amazing experience that makes us wanna know more about aboriginal culture. Manuel. thank you”. The Moss family wrote “Outstanding. Hearing Manuel’s story was brillient. Kids had a great time. Many thanks for having us”.

Wonderful time

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Sue brought her mum Pat into meet Manuel after she had done the Cultural Experience 9 years ago with her husband Monte on the 4th August 2009. We even found their comment in the visitors book. This time Sue wrote “We have had a wonderful time and appreciate how beautiful Manuel’s work is. Thanks You.

Great Saturday afternoon

Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon learning about what it was like finding food and sleeping in the bush under the stars. That is Manuel’s story. One comment was “Very interesting. Thank you Manuel we loved to hear your story. You have a fantastic personality and smile”.

Wayoutback June 14th

Great afternoon was had by all. Some comments were. “Mannie we loved your stories.’ and ” Wonderful experience. Manuel is an awsome good teacher and fun.”

1st day for 2018

First of May has come and gone. What a great way to open for the season. Sold a Manuel didj and painting in the morning and had Emanuel college in the afternoon with a great bunch of kids. Lots of fun was had by all.

Buttons proved very popular and love all the attention

M to the school groupanuel telling his story

Students and parents did great rarrl paintings

Parents found the rarrk painting relaxing.

A fire was lit

Learning the art of fire lighting with Manuel

Learing how to throw a spear using a woomera

End of the day photo. great fun was had by all

Great start to 2018 season with AATKing coming in on ANZAC Day with a great group from Canada, America and Australia who all thought it was fantastic and a special sharing time. Well done Manuel

manuel helping Jody with her rarrk painting

Richard and Barbara with Manuel

Frank and Trish with Manuel

Jody and Leo with Manuel

Debra getting some help from your teacher Manuel

Andy trying his hand at fire lighting

Franks turn

We have fire

Andy’s rarrk mobile

Trish learning how to throw a spear with a woomera

Go Debra

Getting those fingers right can be tricky

Kate holding Buttons

Gary hit Big Red

Well done Gary

Debra with Buttons

Getting ready for the 2018 season

Manuel stocking up on his paintings for the season

Manuel getting a feed of gooseberries growing in the garden. A fruit he use to eat for breakfast when he was young and still enjoys

Manuel checking out the Red Grevillea growing in our bush tucker garden. He uses the leaves to spice the meat they cook by stuffing leaves into the stomach of the animal. They also lick the flowers to get the honey off the petals.


Merry Christmas

As 2017 draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the tourists and tour companies who visited us and participated in the Cultural Experience with Manuel or bought didgeridoos, art or souvenirs from us throughout the year and wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Our website is available if anyone would like to purchase art or didgeridoos throughout the year and the Cultural Experience will commence in May, Also we are always contactable by e-mail or phone. With warmest regards from all of us at Top Didj. We look forward to working with you in the New Year! Manuel has a few words to say so check out the video attached. Keep watching for up dates over the wet season. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Click here for Manuel’s Christmas message


All the way from Geelong

Fun was had this afternoon with a family from Geelong. The wallabies were cuddled and fed sweet potato. All the family discovered they were all talented artist. A fire was lit but big red gets to see another day. Meg wrote “awesome, we had a great time”. Milla wrote. “Fabulous teacher. Learnt many new skills. Loved it.”Claire and Nigel wrote ” We loved it. Such a fantastic experience hearing the stories and making our own art. thank you” . Thanks for coming we enjoyed our afternnon as well.