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MacKillop College

MacKillop College Students were in this morning and we have another group come in this afternoon. It was a great morning with very impressive painting achieve by the students who listened carefully to what Manuel had to say. Great rarrk paintings were painting, fires were lit and big red was hit. AND the wallabies got lots of cuddles.

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39 degrees but we are cool

39 degrees today.  Lucky we have a sprinkler on the roof and lots of huge mango trees to stand under so we did not feel the heat.  Great group in with Kimberley Wild and the Barnes family who wrote. “Brilliant tour, so worth the stopping for.  Manuel so engaging with sharing knowledge rather than just talking at us.  Will frame our artwork.  Kids loved the spear throwing and then the bonus boomerang throwing.  Holding the baby wallabies, gorgeous.  Fantastic venue you have here.  Good Luck.” The O’Haire family wrote. “Memorable, Educational and Fun! Will definitely recommend. Thank You”.

img_7422 img_7423 img_7424 img_7425 img_7426 img_7427 img_7428 img_7431 img_7432 img_7433 img_7435

Muggy but fun day

Bit muggy today with the water around and sun shining but we still had lots of fun with Manuel and the wallabies. We had two nurses from the Katherine Hospital and Wayoutback bus join us today. Very impressive paintings were achieved. Must be a good teacher Manuel!!!! Katherine wrote “Thank you for giving us such a warm, wonderful, experience Manuel. It was a privilege to hear.” Lisa and Nuria wrote “Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. Big thanks from the Swiss girls!”

img_7407 img_7408 img_7409 img_7410 img_7411 img_7412 img_7413 img_7415 img_7416 img_7417 img_7418 img_7419 img_7420

Our mangoes are coming on splendidly this year, can’t wait. The rain has been a God send as it has cooled the place down which has been a relief. We had a great time yesterday afternoon with Wayout back group and 15 inbound agents paid us a visit and met Manuel and enjoyed some quality time with him. Everyone was very happy with how Manuel shared his story and taught them how to paint, light a fire and throw a spear. The wallabies got lots of cuddles as well.

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Emanuel College visit

Emanuel students and their mums and dads came again this September to enjoy listening to Manuel and doing all the fun activities we have as well as getting to cuddle some cute wallabies. David got the fire lit and Noah and David our fire lighter (take him camping) hit big red. We always enjoy their visits.

img_7326 img_7329 img_7331 img_7335 img_7339 img_7340 img_7342 img_7343 img_7344

It has been very hot and even though the tourists have started to head down south the last few days we have had buses in as well as some self drive people coming through. This afternoon we had three lovely midwives from New Zealand. A good time was had by all. Barbara, Rose and Sandy were lots of fun. Sandy wrote,”Fantastic afternoon learning a little about your culture. Thank you Manuel and Alex.” Rose wrote. “Thank you Alex and Petrena for a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Manuel for teaching us about your culture and life. Thoroughly enjoyable.
















Buildup has started

Getting a bit hot for everyone now. We still have the buses coming in but not many driving in their own cars. Australian Air Holidays brought a group in yesterday to listen to Manuel’s talk, see a fire lit and cuddle a wallaby. They were really enjoying the attractions given to them at the different towns they were visiting. The afternoon we had a bus of agents mostly from the UK. They were handling the heat really well. Carolyn from Wayoutback, a tour bus that comes into us wrote. “Fantastic, Fun and Funny. Manuel is a great storyteller and teacher. Loved it.” Good to hear that they would recommend the experience to their clients. Wednesday morning we had a lovely group in with AATKing.

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Another great group in this afternoon with Wayoutback. We all had lots of fun with Manuel. Andrea wrote. “Manuel: Thank you so much for this authentic and wonderful teaching!!!! You are beautiful.” Yes everyone loved spending time with Manuel. They found him captivating and and unique.
IMG_7142 IMG_7143 IMG_7144 IMG_7145 IMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7149 IMG_7150 IMG_7152 IMG_7154 IMG_7155 IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7158 IMG_7159

Great morning

Lovely families in today who really enjoyed their time with Manuel. All said they enjoyed it all and learnt lots. “Amazing” was the buzz word. Their paintings were very good as they listened to their teacher. A fire was lit, wallabies cuddled but big red lives to see another day.

IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7111 IMG_7113 IMG_7116 IMG_7118 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7122 IMG_7124 IMG_7127 IMG_7128

Great day

In the morning Peter and Anneke from Holland had a lovely time with Manuel as did Petre who wrote, “What a great experience! so interesting to listen, so cool to try spearing and fire lighting and I loved to do the painting. Thanks Manuel, Alex and Petrena. In the afternoon we had two families. The Rose family wrote, “Thank you to Manuel and Top Didj team for a lovely, informative afternoon. Enjoyed the stories and learning how to make a fire and throw a spear. But really enjoyed the painting, the adults as much as our kids. For the Webster family it was “definitely the highlight of Katherine trip. Manuel you ROCK” We think so as well Jay. We enjoyed the afternoon as well. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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