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Great Friday Morning

Great group in with Kimberley Wild. Alison and Ya Lin wrote. ‘Fantastic cultural experience. Wonderful to see someone who is so passionate and willing to share his culture.” Hayden wrote. “Thank you for the painting tips and the baby wallaby thing.” Marcell from Wales, UK wrote. “Thank you so much for sharing some of your culture with us. I enjoyed the painting and admire your skills.” Kathy wrote. ” Thank you for sharing your story with us. Enjoyed the painting and now have a much better appreciation of your culture.” Marilyn from the US wrote.”Thanks for guiding us through several facets of your culture. I will share with my 6tth grade students photos and memories. Jenny said. ‘Thank you for the wonderful experience. I learned to appreciate culture and the skill of the artists. All the best for the future.

IMG_6549 IMG_6550 IMG_6551 IMG_6552 IMG_6553 IMG_6554 IMG_6555 IMG_6556 IMG_6557 IMG_6559

Yet another geat day

Not as hectic today but still lots of fun. We had a family from the Netherlands in the morning and Wayoutback in the afternoon. Charlot wrote. “Thank you so much for this great experience. I loved your stories. Very interesting.” Everyone else wrote that they loved the stories and thought the experience was amazing.
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Busy day

Very busy day with and early start with AATKing bus, Visit from Kimberley Wild for lunch and a look around and also Sugarbag Tours came in for a look and a wallaby cuddle. Wayoutback arrived for the afternoon show with a family from the Netherlands. We had two other groups from the same region and lots of Aussies. Tobie wrote. ” Thanks Manuel, Alex and Petrena for the talk, hope the roos behave.” Mark and Paulas. wrote ” We thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Keep up the great job and keep these traditions alive. Thanks” Kris wrote. “Thank you so much for teaching us about your culture. We had a fantastic lesson about how you were raised and how you lived. We really enjoyed it. We will be framing our artwork. At least I know we will never go hungry because Paul hit big red!!!

IMG_6497 IMG_6498 IMG_6499 IMG_6500 IMG_6502 IMG_6503IMG_6504 IMG_6505 IMG_6506 IMG_6507 IMG_6510 IMG_6512 IMG_6513 IMG_6514 IMG_6516 IMG_6518 IMG_6519 IMG_6520 IMG_6522 IMG_6523 IMG_6524 IMG_6525 IMG_6529

Kimberley Wild were in this morning and a family from the Netherlands and Switzerland. Karen wrote. “Thanks a lot. It was really touching and also very beautiful to get an insight into your culture and your life. I would love to know more.” The Netherlands family wrote. “Thank you for teaching me everything about the aboriginal. I think it’s very special that we had such a close look at your culture. I think its beautiful and I really enjoyed.” Lennard from the Netherlands got the fire lit and he and his mum speared big Red. Well done.

IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6485 IMG_6486 IMG_6487 IMG_6488 IMG_6489 IMG_6490 IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6493 IMG_6494 IMG_6495 IMG_6496

We had a family form the Netherlands,Two french girls and an Aussie family in this morning. Great art was painted a fire lit, but big red lives for another day. Netherlands family wrote. “It was really very, very kind people great, wonderful and now we know a lot more of living from the original people of the Dalabon. Thank You.” Good time was had by all.

IMG_6463IMG_6467 IMG_6468 IMG_6469 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476

Another Fun Day

Great group again this morning with Kimberley Wild and a French family and 4 Aussie kids this afternoon.  Everyone thought it was awesome and informative. Thanks everyone we all enjoyed the day as well.

IMG_6402 IMG_6403 IMG_6404 IMG_6407 IMG_6408 IMG_6409

Very creative morning

Quiet ,but productive morning with brother and sister Macy and Fin from Bunbury and also Marie, Jan, Luc and Sven from the Nertherlands who thought it was nice to learn somethings about aboriginal culture and survival techniques. Everyone did beautiful rarrk paintings. Axel and Fleur got lots of cuddles as well.

IMG_6376 IMG_6377 IMG_6378 IMG_6379 IMG_6381 IMG_6383

Hump Day

Up early this morning for the AATKing group who all thought it was an awesome experience. We had a family in at lunch time who desperately wanted to do the CE but that was the only time they could come in. Seeing AATKing were early we could fit them in as we then had the Seniors in for a talk, fire lighting, cup of tea and cake and they loved the chance to get up close and personnel with our wallabies. Carole was very happy to have a cuddle with Fleur.


Inga, Evie, Luke and Andrew loved meeting Manuel and hearing his story.


Carole Loved getting the chance to cuddle Fleur


Ted decided to get his own sweet potato

IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6361 IMG_6362 IMG_6363 IMG_6365 IMG_6367 IMG_6370 IMG_6371 IMG_6374

Big Day

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Kimberley Wild bus in the morning and Wayoutback in the afternoon with some other families as well. Great time was had by all. Everyone loved their time with Manuel some saying it has been the highlight of their trip. The wallabies were also a BIG hit.
IMG_6324 IMG_6329 IMG_6330 IMG_6331 IMG_6332 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6336 IMG_6337 IMG_6338 IMG_6339 IMG_6340 IMG_6342 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6345

Monday arvo

Lovely afternoon with some locals a family from Adelaide and Victoria. Everyone thought it was a fantastic experience and appreciated Manuel’s story and had fun doing all the activities.

IMG_6309 IMG_6310 IMG_6311 IMG_6313 IMG_6314 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6320 IMG_6321 IMG_6322 IMG_6323


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