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Busy Time

July and August is our busiest time. We have had some wonderful groups and families through who have really enjoyed their time with Manuel. Everyone has loved his stories and doing the paintings. We have had some school groups through and senior groups as well. This quote sums it all up. “Very insightful and educational. Loved gaining a better understanding of Aboriginal culture-in a fun environment that makes kids listen too.”

Busy July

It has been a very busy July with lots of families and bus groups coming in to learn about aboriginal cultural, buy some art, didjeridoos and top quality souvenirs. All are thankful they have had the opportunity to spend time with Manuel and hear his story and also get to cuddle a wallaby. In our comment book we have “Brilliant” “totally awesome” and ‘an unforgettable experience” “Funny and inspirational teacher” “wallabies are cute”

Great start to the week

Great day today with great families and very good rarrk art. We had people from the Netherlands, California and cold Victoria and Adelaide. Amanda wrote ” A very big thank you for sharing your culture and story with us. you are a fantastic teacher” Carys loved everything. Everyone really enjoyed their time with Manuel and said it was an authentic experience.

Enjoyable day

Had a great group of people this morning who did great “Bimno” (paintings) Everyone thought it was “great” “amazing” “enjoyable” , “interesting” and all loved learning the ways of the Dalabon people.Had a great group of people this morning who did great “Bimno” (paintings) Everyone thought it was “great” “amazing” “enjoyable” , “interesting” and all loved learning the ways of the Dalabon people.

Great Morning

All had a great time with Manuel. Christel wrote “So very humbled to be taught by an inspiring man the way of his people and the stories of his land. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Dalabon people for the day. i will remember this experience for years to come. Sharon and Andrew wrote “Such a great experience. Long live the traditional ways and teaching by the elders to children.” Yes everyone said it was a wonderful and educational experience.


Fun Day

Great day was had by all. Great rarrk paintings were done a fire was lit and big red was hit. The Marris kids really enjoyed themselves and loved learning about Manuel’s life. Sue wrote Manuel is a lovely teacher, very patient and caring, smiles made us feel very welcome. Yes Manuel loves telling his story and making people happy. Pumford family from Scotland will take back lots of good memories.

More fun at Top Didj

Big group today and what lovely people they all were. All getting together to have a great time. Fabulous paintings were achieved because of their very talented teacher Manuel. We don’t usually pick the best but Manuel really liked Tony’s bush fire painting. Must of been an omen as Tony went on to light the fire and spear big red!!!! Thanks everyone we enjoyed your company and we hope you enjoyed your time with us.

Fun time at Top Didj

Manuel is doing a great job teaching tourist the traditional way aboriginal people use to live.
Everyone is very great full to Manuel for the things he has taught them. Like how to light a fire and throw a spear with a woomera and do a rarrk painting. Steph wrote “Manuel had an awesome manner and was a great teacher. We need some more time with him,. Thank you very much” For some it was a high light of there time in Australia.

Fun Day

Everyone thought Manuel was a great teacher and story teller. It was a very enjoyable experience. Painting was harder than it looks but they now have a greater appreciation for the art they see in galleries. Craig hopes he will be able to feed the family without a trip to woollies!!! Great Fun

Everyone has an enjoyable time.

We really enjoy the tourists that come and participate in our Cultural Experience. We all have a great time. Here are some images of our latest visitors. The Mevel family from France wrote. ” Very nice experience for the whole family. Manuel is very kind and thanks for the stories you shared with us.” Rachael from Florida said it was a fantastic unforgettable experience. Glenys said it was a true cultural experience loved it. We had four representatives from Statravel Germany who thought Manuel was great and loved the fact they learnt so much from someone who lived in the bush.

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