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Fun times for everyone

What a great start to the month of May.  We have had tourists from every state in Australia, British Columbia, Ohio, Cleveland  USA who thought the experience was “just awesomeness”!! Turkey, South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy,England and New Zealand. They have painted awesome Rarrk paintings. Lit fires, speared big red and cuddled our agile wallaby joeys. Some of the comments really summed it up for everyone.”Fantastic to experience the traditional way, best time ever. Manuel is funny interesting, a great bloke and a good teacher.

Busy April

Even though we were not officially open we had a very busy April. Firstly we made a trip to Brisbane to work on the TourismNT stand with 11 other operators.  It was great fun and good to catch up with everyone again and talk to the Brisbane crowd about all there is to see and do in the Northern Territory. Our stand won the award for best out door stand which was great. We had buses start to come in this month and some groups which included teachers and agents.  Everyone enjoy their time with Manuel and the wallabies. I have included some of their comments below:

Manuel thank you for teaching me how to paint, make fire and throw a spear.  When I get lost in the bush you will be the reason I survive.  You are very funny as well.  All the best. Georgia and Margaret

Awesome and lots of fun.  I really enjoyed the practical and useful learning.  We need more teachers like Manuel and friends to educate mainstream society about the local indigenous culture.  So much good stuff to learn.  Thanks Heath Jones

We are learning so much about native culture! Stories all fascinating.  The opportunity to learn how to do native art was great! Well worth a visit again.  Thanks heaps. Eric and Judy

Manuel you have given us a memory and an education we will remember for many years.  We will share your story with our 2 grandchildren.  We have loved the time you shared with us. Karen and Geoffrey

Thank you for sharing your story with us.  It was nice to learn about your culture, we now have a new appreciation for aboriginal art and we really enjoyed the experience of doing one ourselves. Lauren and Ed

Wow Manuel that was amazing.  I so appreciate Aboriginal artwork now.  Thank you for sharing hour stories and teaching. Julie and Donn

Thank you Manuel for teaching us your skills-sorry we couldn’t do it as well as you-it is very amazing how you can do your paintings. Thanks again we really enjoyed it.  Jim and Michelle.


Merry Christmas

We are closed for the season at Top Didj.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who came and visited us this year. We enjoyed making your stay in Katherine that little bit special doing the Cultural Experience with Manuel and getting to hold or feed an Agile wallaby. Manuel loves sharing his culture and art and is looking forward to 2017. We open again in May but give us a ring if your in Katherine in April as we will be around.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Art can still be purchased online.


Jessica concentrating on catching the million dollar fish while Manuel and Judy try and tell her about the danger they may be in.


OMG look at those teeth but Manuel and Jessica want to keep fishing for the million dollar fish.


What a hoot. Having fun with Tiffany at the Katherine Visitor Centre

Last bu for the year

Wayoutback came in with another very cosmopolitan group coming from Ireland, UK, Wales and Germany. Suzanne and Christine wrote “Very informative experience. Great afternoon with wonderful company. Added bonus with the wallabies being around.” Karen wrote, “Brilliant experience and interesting to hear about Manuel’s story. Thanks”. Dean thought it was an interesting experience and enjoyed meeting Manuel. Annette and Anke wrote, “Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Brings our cultures closer together!!!! All the best.” Thank you everyone we at Top Didj had a great time as well.

img_8012 img_8015 img_8016 img_8018 img_8019 img_8020 img_8021 img_8023 img_8024

Very hot Monday morning

Melissa brought in her family from Darwin and family visiting from Melbourne. With the sprinkler on the roof it was lovely and cool. Melissa wrote “Thank you for such a wonderful cultural experience, Manuel you are a very kind and patient teacher and we loved learning about your culture. The painting was a highlight for me, and I loved your song.” Edna wrote “Wow thank you for sharing your cultural with us. We have enriched our minds and souls with your story, kind nature and natural teaching ability. Hannah wrote, “I loved getting to hold all the joey’s and doing stuff with spears. I especially loved the painting. We took a lot of pictures. I’m going to show to my school and class, also my friends. Thanks for the experience. PS Best place of the whole trip here in Katherine.” We are all happy that you had just a great time Hannah.
img_7931 img_7932 img_7933 img_7934 img_7935 img_7937 img_7939 img_7941 img_7944 img_7950

Friday CE

We had Kimberley Wild come in Friday morning and two twin french boys, Simon and Nathan. Even though they could not speak much English they still had a great time with Manuel and the wallabies. Everyone else thought it was “Wonderful”, Excellent”, “Great”. and loved the way Manuel told them about his life and aboriginal culture.

img_7821 img_7823 img_7826 img_7827 img_7828 img_7830 img_7831 img_7833 img_7835 img_7837 img_7839 img_7840 img_7841

Fun Afternoon

Its getting very hot and the tourists are starting to thin out. We had a delightful afternoon with Sarah and Michael from Belgium who thought it was a top experience and Ash, Ollie and Emmett from Brisbane who wrote “Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon Manuel. The boys and I had such a great time painting and making fire and throwing spears and hearing about your life. A special memory the boys and I will remember forever.”

img_7769 img_7770 img_7773 img_7775 img_7778 img_7779 img_7780 img_7782 img_7783 img_7784 img_7785 img_7786 img_7790 img_7791 img_7794 img_7795 img_7800 img_7801 img_7802 img_7804 img_7806 img_7807

Great morning

We had two terrific groups in this morning.   Kimberley Wild and Australia One. The Klemm family from Germany wrote. “A big heartfelt thanks to Manuel and Petrena for a truly wonderful morning.  We have enjoyed meeting you and the little joeys.  It was an exciting and joyful experience to be taught by Manuel about how to paint and throw the spear and make fire.  Thank you for this exquisite experience. Simon and Sarah from Kimberley Wild wrote. “You made a frustrating experience fun for a non painter.  Thank you.” Don’t be too hard on yourselves your paintings were very good.   Just check the images folks and you can see they are all very good. Manuel is a good teacher.

img_5449 img_5451 img_5453 img_5454 img_5457 img_5459 img_5461

Fantastic Morning

What a fantastic group of people we had in this morning from all parts of the world and Australia. Everyone had a wonderful time and learnt lots, had lots of laughs and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

img_7734 img_7735 img_7736 img_7737 img_7738 img_7739 img_7740 img_7741 img_7742 img_7743 img_7747 img_7750 img_7751 img_7752 img_7755 img_7759 img_7760 img_7761 img_7762 img_7763 img_7764

Bangkarrang Seasin

The hot weather of the build-up is called Bangkarrang season, when the ground heats up and burns your feet, and the country shimmers in the heat. Well we have had rain already in September and that has changed everything as the days are not as hot and intense as they can be in October. They predict a wet build-up and wet wet. Let’s hope they are right as we need the rain. Had a great family through today, Andrew, Kelli, Tess and Jack. Andrew’s sister did a CE with us last year and told them to come in and do the same. All did very good “Bimno” rarrk paintings, lit a fire BUT big red is still standing. Our new addition to the family , Bella, got lots of cuddles and the other lots of sweet potato. They all thought the experience was fantastic, educational and hands-on.

img_7717 img_7718 img_7719 img_7720 img_7722 img_7723 img_7724 img_7725 img_7726

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