Busy April

Even though we were not officially open we had a very busy April. Firstly we made a trip to Brisbane to work on the TourismNT stand with 11 other operators.  It was great fun and good to catch up with everyone again and talk to the Brisbane crowd about all there is to see and do in the Northern Territory. Our stand won the award for best out door stand which was great. We had buses start to come in this month and some groups which included teachers and agents.  Everyone enjoy their time with Manuel and the wallabies. I have included some of their comments below:

Manuel thank you for teaching me how to paint, make fire and throw a spear.  When I get lost in the bush you will be the reason I survive.  You are very funny as well.  All the best. Georgia and Margaret

Awesome and lots of fun.  I really enjoyed the practical and useful learning.  We need more teachers like Manuel and friends to educate mainstream society about the local indigenous culture.  So much good stuff to learn.  Thanks Heath Jones

We are learning so much about native culture! Stories all fascinating.  The opportunity to learn how to do native art was great! Well worth a visit again.  Thanks heaps. Eric and Judy

Manuel you have given us a memory and an education we will remember for many years.  We will share your story with our 2 grandchildren.  We have loved the time you shared with us. Karen and Geoffrey

Thank you for sharing your story with us.  It was nice to learn about your culture, we now have a new appreciation for aboriginal art and we really enjoyed the experience of doing one ourselves. Lauren and Ed

Wow Manuel that was amazing.  I so appreciate Aboriginal artwork now.  Thank you for sharing hour stories and teaching. Julie and Donn

Thank you Manuel for teaching us your skills-sorry we couldn’t do it as well as you-it is very amazing how you can do your paintings. Thanks again we really enjoyed it.  Jim and Michelle.


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