Easter Tuesday

The Noorman family arrived from Kakadu for the afternoon cultural Experience as well as Damian and Rod who were on their way to Kakadu. All had a great time with Manuel and learnt lots about what it was like living in the bush. They also got to taste some bush tucker we have growing in the garden.

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Easter Sunday afternoon


Easter Monday Afternoon

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We had our first tour group in the afternoon Sacred Earth Safaris who all had a great time. People from America, Canberra and Sydney. Great group who, I’m sure had fun at every stop they made. Glad to hear you loved your time with us . Thanks for coming and spread the word.

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Easter Monday

Sara, Sean, Nick and Alex enjoyed their morning with Manuel. All the way from lovely Melbourne they have had a great time in the NT. saying “Wow what an amazing cultural experience! Manuel was fantasic . Alex and Petrena great hosts. Thanks for making our NT adventure so special. Cheers”

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Marksies Camp Tucker night :New Addition at Top Didj grounds

Marksie’s Stockman’s Camp Tucker Night

Bookings Essential: 0427 112 806

Email: gasmark@bigpond.com

Web: www.marksiescamptucker.com.au

Dine under the stars around the campfire, in the grounds of Top Didj Cultural Centre -7 km along Gorge Road.  A large outback meal using Indigenous herbs, spices, fruits and foods. Be entertained with outrageous Aussie humour for a great family night to remember in the Australian Outback.    BYO    5 Nights a week   Group bookings welcome.         7pm start.

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Djewk season! “the full wet season” Not this year

Djewk season (December-March) was a non-event this year. Not many rainy days and the river only got to 9m once.  We have had lots of blue skies and sunshine. Alex and I went on a holiday to Tasmania because we have had lots of tourists up our way from there.  Loved it and we must go back as there is so much to see and do.  I wore a cardigan and coat all the time we were there.  It was a nice change. Melbourne was next, to catch up with the grand kids.  Manuel went back to his country and went fishing and relaxed. 2015 is looking to be a good year for Top Didj with lots of forward bookings throughout the year.  Our times this year fits in with the official tourist months opening on the 1st May closing 31st October.  We did have 31 RAAF personal from Canberra for a Cultural Experience in February.  A good time was had by all.  Manuel took them for a walk down to the creek showing them bush tucker growing.  The wet season is the best time to see this.

Sadly our last trip adviser review was not the best.  The writer has not recommended our business.  They did say they attended in November which is weird as we were not open.  After 25 excellent, 7 very good and 1 poor is it upsetting that the last one was so negative and possibly it was not us. ANYWAY we realize the weather is getting hotter so we are preparing for this year.  Sprinklers are being put on the roof this week and we purchased two small mist fans.  That should keep everyone cool.  Two wallabies have just been released recently and will still be around when we open as well as a few from last year that like to still get some sweet potato to break the monotony of grass!!!!!  So if you have already been to see us come in again to say hello or book a time with Manuel or tell your friends and family.  Manuel is very excited about starting work again.

2. Brad

Sweetie who came to us over a month ago has now joined the group at Top Didj

1. Sweetie

Brad who we have had since he was a pinky found on the Katherine River bank by our helpxers is now running around at Top Didj


Our lush grass after lots of organic fertiliser and sadly not very much rain.  thats Oscar on the left having a hop around.


Manuel showing the RAAF group how to use the woomera


Manuel showing the finer points of spear throwing

Bush tucker garden

Our lush Bush Tucker Garden


Me ready to go on a ghost tour at Port Arthur


The Katherine river only got to 9 metres once this wet season


Wren our grand daughter with Ki Ki our other atilopine kangaroo when she was little at Christmas time


Manuel painting didgeridoos for this season


Picking up mulch for the gardens at Top Didj


Oscar our Atilopine kangaroo the day before we sent him off to be with his own kind. Sadly they don’t come from around our area so we will not be able to see him grow up like we do with the Agile wallabies.


Jakarta International School

While everyone (well some) were off celebrating the Melbourne Cup Top Didj crew were entertaining a great group of students from the Jakarta International School. Even though it was hot everyone enjoyed their time with us. Following are some comments from the students. Kedin ” Thank you so much, it was so enjoyable. I really loved learning about your life story. The spear throwing was also a plus.” Bjorn “Great listening to the stories and fire and painting was fun.” Julie ” Really nice experience and stories and the fire lighting and painting was fun. Thank you so much for sharing.” Kristine ” I liked learning how to make a fire and throw a spear.”

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Last for October

We had another happy couple from the Netherlands come in, Micke and Gerardus to do a CE along with Mike and Jill from Toorawenah NSW. Micke wrote ” Manuel, beautiful stories, interesting to hear all this, nice working on the paintings.” Mike and Jill wrote ” Wonderful experince, loved it all. Thankyou!”

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Travel Agent Visit

Saturday afternoon we had a  large famil group (41) of domestic travel agents come into Top Didj.  We decided to have everyone at tables from the beginning and have the canvas paint etc set out to save time because of having so many and the heat of the day.  Well just as we finished setting everything up we had the biggest wurly wurly come through and blew all that we had done out into the garden!!! never mind out with the blower and we started again.  It was a bit hot for some of the participates but they all enjoyed learning how to do a rarrk painting and see the magic of a fire bursting from a small ember.  We had two agents hit big red.  We at Top Didj are looking forward to welcoming the tourists these agents send to the Top End next year.

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Good start to the week

Melinda, Bob and Nick came in this morning as Melinda wanted to do her own painting.  What a good job she did painting an Echidna.  Melinda wrote. ” Thanks Manuel for all your teaching.  Very fun.  We enjoyed ourselves and wish I could do it again.”  The afternoon group was Way Outback Tours.  Chizo the tour guide, “Great knowledge and stories from Manuel, will bring more people here.” Zoerg from Germany wrote “great experience, very interesting. thanks.  Joke from Belgium wrote “Thanks for sharing your knowledge about your culture Manuel.  I learned alot.  Sue and Brent from the Central Coast of NSW wrote. ” Manuel, wonderful at telling us his history.  Thankyou for sharing and your patience with my painting.

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Old and new friends

John and Sue Kent who met Manuel 5 years ago at the Barunga Festival came and did a CE with their family also with Amber and Walter another couple from Holland.  Sue and John wrote. ” Thankyou Manuel for a most enjoyable morning.  It was so nice to see you again.  Best wishes and thanks to Alex and Petrena.”  Katryna their daughter wrote. “Thank you so very much it was such a great experience.  The kids had so much fun learning how to paint, make fire and throw a spear.  Will definitley recommend.”  Amber and Walter wrote” What  a nice, relaxing and educational way to spend a very hot day in Katherine.  Thanks Manuel for your interesting lessons. The guys all got the fire lit and Sue hit big red.

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