Bangkarrang Seasin

The hot weather of the build-up is called Bangkarrang season, when the ground heats up and burns your feet, and the country shimmers in the heat. Well we have had rain already in September and that has changed everything as the days are not as hot and intense as they can be in October. They predict a wet build-up and wet wet. Let’s hope they are right as we need the rain. Had a great family through today, Andrew, Kelli, Tess and Jack. Andrew’s sister did a CE with us last year and told them to come in and do the same. All did very good “Bimno” rarrk paintings, lit a fire BUT big red is still standing. Our new addition to the family , Bella, got lots of cuddles and the other lots of sweet potato. They all thought the experience was fantastic, educational and hands-on.

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